Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

I recently held a ‘Kantha Slow Stitch’ workshop at the Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry as part of the Crafts from the Punjab exhibition. The session was an opportunity for people to drop by and pick up a needle and learn Kantha stitching. The session was extended and for 4 hours and over 25 participants spent time making and socialising whilst I served tea and spent time explaining about the ‘slow’ movement and taking time for contemplation and well-being.

“I came to your drop-in afternoon textile workshop at the Herbert Art Gallery with my sister on 20th January and it was brilliant! I have never really sewed in a creative way before and yet I found it so easy to join in and get going.  It was really relaxing and enjoyable. Quite addictive. Time just flew. I have now continued by buying my own thread and getting scraps of material from a friend and made some cards which people seem to really like. Hope you will do more activities like this in the future so others can enjoy the same benefits I have. Thank you very much. ”  New slow stitcher 

I am available for textile talks and workshops from May 2018.



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February 18, 2018

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