ECB site update

Its a cold first morning of December on site, everything is frozen and flakes are beginning to fall. Still an amazing place to be when its a new experience. The structure is now to the upper ground floor and some areas are beginning to resemble the CAD drawings from ARUP. I learnt about the 'rubbing down man' today – he smoothes the exposed concrete with a hessian glove – true hand finishing! I couldn't help but look at his hands when I met him – I expected big Peter Shilton goalies hands out of proportion to the rest of his body…but they weren't…they were just normal size. I found a 'flupp' – its like a rubber thimble that is secreted upside down into bore holes to fill them and then they are subsequently filled with bitumen and this simple procedure keeps the rainwater out…the concrete can't be poured into the pillar shutters as it needs a temp of plus 4 (and its at least – 2 this morning) The pillars that have been poured are snug and warm in a 'frost blanket'…thanks to Andy for showing me around and Anton for letting us into his shed/store.

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