Let the stitches begin!

Finally this weekend is here! Have been working towards this since late 2009! Today I will be stitching more tailors tacks in the old cathedral ruins in Coventry. (From 11.00am) Two other artists who worked on the panels of the coat will be with me (Deb Squires www.debsquires.co.uk and Julie Joannides www.juliejoannides.blogspot.co.uk)) and the event is open & free to the public to come along and add a tailors tack to the lining. Tonight there is the actual awakening of Godiva – a huge performance and celebration and then tomorrow from 11.00am the coat will be presented to Godiva and we will dress her ready for her journey to London. I woke up today to glorious sunshine and I am keeping everything crossed that tomorrow is the same.

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