The days are going quickly to Godiva Awakes

The days to Godiva Awakes are going so quickly now and each one is filled with the final preparations to complete her coat. For information on the weekend activities do checkout – the coat will be presented and dressed by myself and the rest of the tailors on Sunday 29th July at 12 noon in Broadgate, Coventry – no tickets are required for this part of the performances – its just be early to get in! Find out more at

Below are some pics that track the Godiva coats progress from the early days until now…I can’t wait to reveal the whole coat in August. (If you subscribe to the Embroiderers Guild ‘Embroidery’ Magazine we are featured in the July 2012 copy.

The Coat team are all fab individual artists and you can find out more about them on their own sites:
Maggie Dunne – Maggie has researched the glove making industry from Worcester and has been responsible for the collar, cuffs and buttons on the coat.

Rachel Grant – Rachel has researched the pottery heritage in Stoke and her personal connections to it. She has worked on 2 of the coat’s 5 metre panels.

Adam Hussain – Adam is making Godiva’s cufflinks and researched Smethwick and Stourbridge glass making.

Julie Joannides– Julie has had access to the archives from Blitz Games and the Oliver Twins who are early game designers. She has embellished 2 of the coat panels.

Debbie Squires – Debbie has focussed her research on the Black Country chainmaking and nail forging industries and has also embellished 2 of the panels.

As well as designing the coat, I have focussed my artwork on the lining of the coat. I have stitched over 7000 tailors tacks and used white screenprinted images from my research of the artists and makers working on the whole Godiva Awakes project. The tacks signify the number of participants and artists on the project.

Images by Andrew Moore

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