Today I’ve focused on trying to get the treadle on my machine working properly…I was worried about any broken parts after the machine has been left for some time but as I inspected each area I soon realised just how amazingly robust these are. I suppose with the action of physical motion being the only way to create a line of sewing the machine had to be pretty durable. I have used a ton of WD40 on anything that looked like it needed it and I carefully waxed polished the wooden table area as the wood has been badly damaged by sun and water…its not perfect but its like I’ve fed it to nurture it back to health a little.


I dug around and under the machine I located the bobbin case and there was still a bobbin of white/rusty cotton inside the bobbin holder. Its poignant to know that I am handling something that my Nannar had previously set up…I think she would be amazed to see me marvel in something that was a practical and much need necessity for her and her large family.


I found a couple of You Tube Vids of other people making a treadle run and that was a great insight for me as I was originally trying to get the machine wheel to turn clockwise but actually you set it off anti-clockwise and then treadle…I have no instruction booklet so I love that there are people the same as me thinking it would be good to record their experience in case another person needs to know.

I started to stitch without cotton on paper to see the line of ‘stitches’ and finally get into a rhythm of motion with my feet and the machine….Huge lump in my throat time as the machine gradually chugged, creaked, moved slowly, then faster and then faster til I was sewing! What is that word where you remember the exact movement of something after a while? Muscle memory! I felt like it was all coming back to me – that movement, that motion, hard work! I have a vid of it…I will upload…I look like a daft old bat getting it going in my socks and rolled up trousers but who cares…

Now to add the tech stuff for my ‘output’ bit of the project…but that’ll be a whole lot of sweary stuff and another post!


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