welcome from Julia O’Connell

Hi and thanks for dropping in. My area of practice is in textiles, I’m interested in deconstructing and reconstructing garments, like old or found clothes. I’ve included some photos of my early work. These pieces were made after I’d emailed people to ask them about their most favourite or hated garments from their past. From the recollections I received, I then reinterpreted the stories into new textile artefacts, using hand and machine stitch. Its facinating to hear about someone’s favourite dress or their mother’s old leather gloves etc. I also love the way in which they recount the memory and the choice of words used. I’m always on the look out for new projects so if you have a memory of a particular garment whether it belonged to you or another then I’d love it if you would share that here. Try and describe the piece, the colour and texture if you can and things like the smell even! I always remember the inside of my Mum’s bag, it smelled of her favourite perfume Intimate, by Yardley I think, and it’s scent had infused the lining of the bag. Tell me why you liked/or hated the garment, perhaps there was something that happened when you wore it, or a particular event etc. Whatever memory you have I look forward to your stories. And if you just want to comment on my work, then please leave me a message.

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